1. Using youth culture such as music and animation as a forum for raising awareness about environmental issues.

・Gomi Zero Navigation focuses on music festivals and encourages participation in a closed-circle, sustainable society through recycling and reuse.

・Eco Culture Project promotes manga, magazines, music and movies that tackle social issues.

2. Changing the flow of money through employment and savings.

・Management of the website Eco Employment Navigation (winner of the Goo Environmental Prize 2001) and organization of the Eco Employment Symposium, which encourage environmentally friendly and focused employment.

・Management of the Eco Savings website, which explains methods of savings and investment which are good for the environment.

・Eco Savings Project proposes that financial institutions adopt standards that give consideration to the environment.

3. Creation of a closed circle community system where food and money turn over in the local region.

・Community Big Bang Project aims to establish a community non-profit organization bank through youth action.

・Future of Agriculture and Safe Food Project exposes urban youth to agricultural problems through agricultural experience.